• IVY COPENHAGEN is the name of a new Danish denim brand under the creative direction of CEO and founder Henriette Pieszak, who has more than 20 years of experience in fashion and design. ​

    IVY COPENHAGEN is targeted at a new generation of young consumers with a global outlook, who navigate across multiple media channels and platforms. Inspired by the American ‘IVY League’ culture of savvy and resourceful young people who have bold ambitions for themselves as well as for the world, the IVY universe aims at a segment of consumers who are innovative, influential – and used to sharing their world and values in exclusive social communities. ​

    With IVY COPENHAGEN, Henriette Pieszak aims to inspire and empower a new and younger segment, using her great experience with premium jeans design. The goal of her new launch is to create a young brand universe where design and cross-channel communication go hand in hand with quality and craft. ​